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Reply to this thread to place a hold for your character idea. Reply to your hold comment with your application. All comments are screened.

Hold duration lasts until two weeks. Extensions a week. Check claimed Pokemon before adding your reserves.

Hold Template

Player Name:
Character Name:
PB: (PBs should be illustrated/animu only.)
Archetype: (What kind of TV Trope or stock 80s teen does your character round off to?)
Starter Pokemon: (Up to three unevolved Pokemon from any generation - please see the Little Cup tier.)
Legendary Pokemon: (OPTIONAL: What legendary Pokemon you'd like your character to get eventually.)
Field Reserve: (OPTIONAL: All 7th graders are taken to the local park on a field trip to catch their first pokemon.)
Water Reserve: (OPTIONAL: All 7th graders are taken to the local lake to be taught how to fish up pokemon.)
Mountain Reserve: (OPTIONAL: All 7th graders are taken to the local mountain trail to be taught how to catch pokemon and survive in more remote, wild, and dangerous locations.)

Application Template

Player Information

Name: What you'd like to be addressed by
Age: 18+ only because we're all old fogeys here and would feel weird interacting with youngin's despite the fact that we're playing in a Pokemon game about middle schoolers. You can just answer "yes".
Timezone: Self explanatory
Contact Info: How we can best contact you. Skype or discord handle preferable - there will be a game chat.

Character Information

All player characters must be 7th graders of Blackbell Middle School.

Name: Name of your character
Age: Age of your character. 12-13 is normal for 7th grade, but your character may be older or younger.
Gender: Gender of your character

PB: PBs should be illustrated/animu only.
Appearance: A few sentences will suffice.

Archetype: What kind of TV Trope or stock 80s teen does your character round off to?
Personality: Two paragraphs about who your character is.

Background/History: What the others might know just from growing up together, or what they can easily find out should they not have had that opportunity.

Pokemon: Tell us, in short, the kind of pokemon your character gravitates towards and how they treat them and are treated by them.
Every character should begin the game with one Pokemon. Two or none are also allowed, but one is preferred. Beginning pokemon should be limited to Little Cup.
If you're not sure, just ask.
No two trainers may have the same starter, legendary, or event pokemon.
Starters, legendaries and event Pokemon must be unique to each trainer. In general, we'd prefer to minimize trainers using the same Pokemon so that everyone can make their character feel unique, but we realize this is not always realistic.
For pokemon with branching evolutions, please specify which final form you want. (Such as ralts and rockruff)

Starter Pokemon

Pokemon: The species of Pokemon
Name: The Pokemon's name
Personality: A sentence or two about what the pokemon is like out of the ball.
Met: Where or how the pokemon was acquired.

Reserved Pokemon

Legendary reserve: Eventually, every PC will be allowed to catch a single legendary Pokemon. See here for the acceptable list. This will involve a personal quest, so try to pick a fitting legendary that you feel would be drawn to your trainer!

The next set of reserves are all optional (but unique), and feel free to reserve a pokemon that isn't necessarily fitting for an area, as long as you can come up with the reason why said pokemon would be encountered there. E.g. your character runs into an old man selling magikarp in the middle of the mountains.
Field Reserve: The first school event will be the class being taken to the local park to catch their very first pokemon. Officially, anyway.
Lake Reserve: The second still event will involve the 7th grade class being taken to the local lake to learn how to catch aquatic pokemon and surf.
Mountain Reserve: The third and final official catch event will involve taking the class up in the mountains near the hot springs for lessons on how to survive in a hostile, wild environment and catch more dangerous pokemon in said environment.

Other Reserves: You may reserve more pokemon if you know what will fit perfectly on your team. The maximum number of reserves you can have, not counting the legendary, is 7.

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