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Rules & FAQ

Please ask any questions about the game here.


Read the rules. Read the setting information. Read your partner's posts. Read read read. It's fun. Don't you want to make LeVar proud?

Be Decent
A basic, common rule. Don't be a dink OOC. Don't be racist, homophobic, whatever. If for whatever reason a problem should rear up and you can't work it out amongst yourselves, talk to the mods about it and we'll mediate it as best we can.

IC is IC, OOC is OOC
As the cast is primarily 12-13 year olds, who are well known to be mercurial, sometimes disagreements between cast members may crop up. Just try to remember that just because Bob's character wants to bop your character on the nose, it doesn't mean Bob wants to bop you on the nose.

Player Age & Mature Content
All players are expected to be 18+, but just because we're all amazingly mature adults doesn't mean the characters are. As this is a game based around younglings, there should be no sexual content. It's a horror game though, so you should probably expect some blood and the like at some point.

Don't metagame/god-mode
Another basic thing. Don't have you character know things they shouldn't, don't make them able to arm wrestle a Machoke and win unless the Machoke is doing it for a gag. Actually don't have any Machokes. I hate Machokes.

There's no hard and fast rule here, just try to keep it copacetic between you and your writing partner. Ideally, I'd like more than one or two paragraphs per post, but if the people in the thread agree to one liners, who am I to judge? Please keep it in third person and past tense.

Activity Checks
There's no formal activity checks. Just keep us in the loop if you need to disappear for a period of time.

Have fun
It's a dang Pokemon game.


Nothing so far.

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